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David Wootton

David Wootton

Director - Production and Logistical Management

With a background in Retail Store Development and Exhibition construction, David performs a general management role, working in all areas of the business, and maintaining the company's financial wellbeing. He was responsible for setting up the company's first factory in 1996, developed and manufactured the award winning S3 modular system and has since headed up production, purchasing and logistics. He maintains a portfolio of clients with whom be designs, manufactures and Project Manages custom built exhibition projects worldwide.

In 2002 be established the Shop Fitting Division which has since undertaken major projects for Retail Chains throughout the UK and Europe. The Division specialises in interior fit out, point of sale and attraction displays aimed at creating 'destination' stores.

David was a founder member of ESSA, the industry Trade Association, of which he is currently a Director.       +44 (0)1604 77 10 12

Barry Mitchell

Director - Group Stand and Pavilions

With many years' experience, Barry Mitchell oversees the design, build and installation of major group stands throughout Europe using our own innovative modular systems and custom built pavilions.

Working in partnership with a diverse range of companies and major Trade Associations, Barry's expertise lies in project managing complex group stand and pavilions required for today's world market leaders.

In a career spanning over 25 years within the exhibition and display market Barry's previous experience includes turning a new venture for a modular exhibition stand manufacturer into a profit making entity with a T/O of over £1.25m.

Barry has attained an in-depth understanding of the industry and has the ability to react and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the customer.       +44 (0)1604 77 10 12
Barry Mitchell
Robin Moore
Robin Moore
Director - Brand and Market Development

Robin Moore has developed 'Go To Market' strategies for corporate organisations across Europe involving the creation and delivery of 'partner' and brand communication programs within the IT, Automotive, Manufacturing, Retail and Workplace sectors.

Working 'agency side' Robin has been able to assist clients such as GEC Plessey launch the silicon chip; SEAT launch its exciting range of cars into the UK; GM Alison transmission (as the Brand Guardian for Europe) to bring real benefits to specialist track and bus manufacturers; Yale Locks to enter the OEM market and maintain its number one position in the security industry; RICOH to grow its share of the ITC market in Europe and partner with IBM, Atos origin, Getronics and Accenture and TSK to pioneer an award winning service in the fast changing workplace market.

Through the management of brand essence and the creation of customer journeys, Robin has assisted organisations to create, test and transfer new sales engagement programs. These programs have been built around competitive differentials thus successfully transforming an organisations culture.       +44 (0)1604 77 10 12
Oliver Ellmann

Oliver Ellmann expertly creates detailed conceptual 3D designs, walkthroughs, animations and presentations for a vast array of market sector clients. Oliver is also instrumental in designing and creating visuals for all CME branded exhibitions and events.

With a European upbringing, Oliver is able to bridge the communication gap to many of CME exhibition clients based abroad. Highly qualified including an Honours Degree in 3D Design coupled with over a decade of design experience, Oliver has the ability to turn design concepts into detailed construction drawings.       +44 (0)1604 77 10 12
Oliver Ellmann