Innovative face-to-face marketing competition.

The very best innovative and creative ideas to engage face-to-face

There is a lot of evidence that a multi-sensory experience, one that includes face to face contact, leads to a much richer engagement and appreciation of a brands products and services. Early adopters of this relatively new marketing tool; where digital, viral and physical environments are integrated to form a single customer view, are quoting 300% increase in sales and 200% increase in brand appreciation. Exit poles record a 100% increase in people saying that live events make it easier to buy*.

'Live events' have always been around delivering the opportunity for customers to engage with a brand. What is new is how the Internet has transformed the way people make buying decisions and the way social networks have changed the way we communicate.

Often, marketers see these three tools as being in competition and there is a case where, in some instances, this is true. In the same way that media advertising has 'increased effectiveness' when integrated with direct mail and in store merchandising; it is also true of experiential events.

The LIVE ZONE at Marketing Week Live aims to demonstrate this multi-sensory approach in a practical format. The zone provides marketing professionals and decision makers a first-hand experience of how a multi- sensory experience can deliver brand 'essence' more creatively, dynamically and cost effectively.

Creative Marketing Environments Ltd (CME for short) have been creating and managing live events and designing, manufacturing and installing exhibition stands for over 35 years. CME are now pioneering 'integrated' experiential events and are partnering with Marketing Week Live to deliver this experience.

"We are going to provide the opportunity for marketing professionals to closely examine how multi-sensory LIVE articulates a graphic language of great visual and sensual impact, capable of overcoming abstraction, to deliver a total brand experience" said Robin Moore of CME.

To demonstrate 'creativity', CME are creating a competition for 'students in marketing', 'graduates' and 'sole traders' to show case new thinking and demonstrate how brands can engage with their audience using the latest technology and behavioural science. Branded 'THE BIG IDEA' entries will be invited before the show and those shortlisted will be displayed in an area specifically designed and built by CME so that visitors can vote for the best, most original solution.

This area is linked to the LIVE ZONE workshop, again designed and built by CME to demonstrate the LIVE experience. Here, in a series of interactive workshops which will explore the possibilities of what LIVE can deliver, delegates will be able to discover for themselves the best practice process for implementing a live campaign, how to build a business case for LIVE and more.

We look forward to meeting you there.

*FaceTime survey 2012